Summary of Qualification

I have a wide range of experience in both stop-motion and 3D animation from a combination of school and personal projects. I also have additional team work, time management, and communication skills that I obtained through extracurricular activities and part time work.


Professional Experience

          Mandarin Strings, Repair Technician, Sept. 2018-pres. 

                  I repair orchestra instruments, manage rental accounts, and sell instruments. 

                  I will also be working to redo the companies website. 

          Etsy Shop Owner, Artist, June 2017-pres.

                   NaPalmStudio is my shop on Etsy where I hand make and sell jewelry, figurines,                               paintings,and prints.

, sculptor, Oct.-Sept. 2017

                   I worked on a project to sculpt custom pet bobble heads.

Petal Towns Film, Director, 2016-2017

Petal Towns is my senior film done at SCAD. It is an entirely stop motion film and I directed, fabricated, animated, edited, and cowrote the score.


SCAD Programs, Summer Seminar Assistant, June-Aug. 2016

Summer Seminars are a summer camp for high school students to experience taking classes and living on campus. My job included keeping the students on schedule, planning creative activities, leading trips, and promoting the school to both parents and students. 


SCAD Atlanta Generate, Participant, October 2015

Generate is a 24 hour challenge put on by SCAD. I participated in the Animation challenge where we designed and made a character maquette in 24 hours.


Office Depot, Customer Service/Sales Associate, 2013-2014

I worked at Office Depot as a seasonal employee. My responsibilities varied depending on the day, but they included customer service, sales, cashier, and organizing and stocking shelves.


Amazon, Warehouse Stower, July-Aug. 2014

I worked in an Amazon warehouse where I would take incoming products and organize and stock them so that they could easily and safely be picked for outgoing orders.


Stacey, Filming and Narration, 2013

Stacey was a documentary that I helped to produce during my senior year of high school. It examines the life of an autistic student named Stacey Rice.



Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Atlanta, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Spring 2017

Major: Animation

Related Coursework: Focus on 3D and Stop-Motion

Signal Mountain High School, IB Diploma, 2013

International diploma with college credits received


Awards and Recognition

SCAD Atlanta Women’s Tennis Team Coaches Award

Each year the athletics coaches at SCAD choose a player from each of their teams that they feel went above and beyond to receive the Coaches Award.

Imagine Magazine, May/June 2014

I was included in an article of Imagine Magazine for one of my works that I had produced at a SCAD Summer Seminar when I was a junior in high school.



Available upon request.