Petal Towns

A little girl named Lilly leaves a parting gift for her imaginary friend, Lunette, who she has outgrown. As time goes on, Lilly may have left Lunette behind, but she was never forgotten.


Petal Towns is an entirely stop motion film shot on a single table top set. The set was specially made to accommodate an electric puppet that had a battery pack that needed to be hidden.  

Lilly Puppet

Lilly is a creative little girl who loves playing in her garden. She has a wire armatur with a sculpy head and sculpy facial replacements.

Lilly's facial replacements are very minimal and stylized in their simple flat black form. I might do some editing to this style by adding some more detail, especially to the eyes.

Lunette Puppet 

Lunette is a fairy that lives in the house that Lilly builds. She has a simple wire armature and battery opperated LED lights to give her her glow. 

Garden Set

Petal towns only used one set that was shot from different angles. The set involved a track so that Lunette's battery pack could be hidden under the set but still be moved with her.